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Design and Installation Philosophy

“Fractions of an inch matter”

Good solar system design is more than just trying to figure out how many panels you can cram onto the available roof space. It is a very thoughtful process, focused on optimization and efficiency, but very often challenged by multiple constraints and engineering trade-offs. It is important to consider the slope and orientation of the roof, other nearby trees objects such as and buildings which could shade panels, and also the local latitude and weather. Balancing seasonal variations in solar production with monthly energy usage is also important to ensure a solar installation remains economical under current utility net-metering policies.  Aesthetics are also tremendously important. We are talking about altering the appearance of the place you call home. This is not something we take lightly. When it comes to symmetry and straightness, fractions of an inch matter. Done well, solar is not a visual eye sore.

Solar, done well, can still preserve the appearance of a home

We know a solar system is a big investment itself, but your home is an even bigger one.  We will work with you through every step to make sure you will be happy with the final appearance and performance of your solar system. Anchoring a system to your roof and connecting it to your home’s electrical system are both very important steps that we take very seriously.  Building something that can stand up to decades of Kansas wind and weather is also no easy feat.  We take the time to do the job right and have pride in what we do.  We are a local company that cares about the community and we will take care of your home just like it was our own.

New all-black panels are available that can provide a very clean, visually appealing look

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