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Why go solar?

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

“You do not have to sacrifice profitability for principles,” or is it

“You do not have to sacrifice principles for profitability?”

There are certainly many individual reasons to purchase a solar system for your home or business.  “It is good for the environment,” “it pays for itself,” and “I want to be more self-sufficient” are all common and very good reasons to make the investment.  However, I propose that you do not need to choose one of the above reasons, but really you need to consider all three together.  First, the ultimate long term environmental impact of greenhouse gas emission can be debated by some, but there is no question that fossil fuels resources are limited and our future generations will only have available what we manage to leave them.  These resources have more value than simply being burned.  Second, solar panels and associated components dropped 20-25% in price during 2016 and are still subject to a 30% federal tax credit.  It is now very realistic to expect a thoughtfully designed system to pay for itself and then produce another decade of free electricity.  Finally, it is integral to the American spirit to strive for self-reliance and independence.  Offsetting some of your electrical consumption with renewable, self-produced energy supports your community and is patriotic.  Taking these three ideas, which are not mutually-exclusive, but rather synergistic, paints a very clear picture why now is a great time to invest in your future.

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