We have significant experience installing residential grid-tied solar systems. For grid-tied applications we exclusively install the latest generation of Enphase Energy's microinverters. Enphase microinverters offer numerous benefits over traditional string inverters. With this system, every panel has its own dedicated inverter mounted on the racking on the roof. This prevents shading of a single panel or some other single point failure from dramatically reducing overall system performance. Each inverter also outputs 240 VAC directly. This simplifies connection to your home’s load center, minimizes power losses in interconnecting wiring, and reduces clutter. These inverters have a 25-year warranty.


The free MyEnlighten app from Enphase energy lets you track your power production in real time from your phone. It can also help diagnose any system issues or faults. The Envoy monitoring system connects to the microinverters via power line communications and then connects wireless to your home internet. You can also see interesting stats about your lifetime energy production.

The Envoy monitoring system also has the option to install power consumption monitoring current transformers on your home or building's main load center so you can have the ability to monitor both your solar production and energy usage in real time from your phone or computer.

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