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MHK Solar provides comprehensive solar energy solutions including residential and commercial grid-tied, solar+battery backup, and portable solar energy generators.

We always offer a free consultation and estimate so do not hesitate to call 620-802-7113 or email us at austin@MHKsolar.com!

We provide fully custom solar solutions for your home. We start every project with a lot of planning and preparation to consider everything that may affect system performance and aesthetics. Before we start, we will provide a financial analysis that incorporates your current electric usage.  You will know how much you can expect to save each month, each year, and how long it will take for the system to pay for itself.

Have you wanted to add lights or a few outlets in your detached garage or shed? Would you like to have power to a room or critical appliances during a grid outage? We can provide power for all of these options and more with an affordable off-grid solar and battery storage solution. Nearly any home or structure can be outfit with a small solar plus battery backup system.

We have experience building portable solar and battery generator systems that can provide 120 VAC and/or DC power for camping, outdoor events, remote worksites, or emergencies. These are silent, no emission, no maintenance alternatives to a portable gas or diesel generators. These solutions are typically trailer mounted and can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. 

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